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What’s My Age Again?!..

So last month I was gifted with the BEST Birthday present yet! VIP tickets to the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour The event was so much fun and super informative. Yes, as I expected it provided a good amount of information that I already knew, but it also gave me insight on a professional, passionate, hysterical fitness trainer. Jillian spoke about food, health, wellness and of course exercise. The VIP guests got a short and sweet visit with Jillian, we had a few pictures taken and I also got an opportunity to pose with my article in (614) FIT Magazine that I wrote about her fitness DVD Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. If you were wondering, yes, that’s me below being ballsy and flexing in front of Jillian Michaels. I think she’s impressed 😉

jillian michaels 3 jillian michaels 4


One of the tools she shared with us was the importance of learning your BMR aka. basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate is the rate at which energy is utilized at complete rest. *Breaking it down* How many calories you can eat without doing a thing other than breathing and watching seasons of Scandal without gaining an ounce. In my case as long as I don’t exceed 1,293 calories me and Olivia Pope can hang out all day guilt-ish free. Here is a BMR calculator

While delving into the world of BMR and learning a bit about calories and energy consumption, or lack there of, I came across a really interesting tool that calculates your fitness age. This fitness calculator comes from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, they are studying the benefits of Cardio Vascular fitness.

At one point you will convert your height into centimeters, here is a tool to do so. you will also need to measure your waist (1 inch above your belly button) and calculate your resting pulse (just count your beats via wrist or neck for 15 seconds and multiply by 4)

After you answer the info about your body type and activity levels they will ask you a few questions for their study, it is noted that all information provided is confidential. The total calculation from start to finish took about 10 minutes.

Here are my fitness test results

Fitness Age

My fitness age is 21! I answered everything correctly and even took the test again to double check. Wow, not too shabby! I’ll take those results any day! I read their recommendations for fitness and cardio vascular strength after the survey. Their most recommended tool… 4X4 Interval training. Okay! This method is so popular right now, why because it’s FAST… Zoom! Don’t know much about interval training? Here is a quick 4 minute video from the Norwegian University

Go take the test for yourself and leave me a comment with your results! Can’t wait!


How Exciting!!! My Earth Fare Winnings and Trip to Earth Fare-Columbus By: Jenn

As mentioned in a previous post in the beginning of March I participated in the Fight For Air Climb Event to benefit The American Lung Association. I arrived before my scheduled climb time. I always get weary of parking, lines, crowds and want some time to shake off my jitters before every event. While I waited I chatted up a lovely young lady working at the Earth Fare Columbus booth, I even ran into her afterwards and asked her to snap a post climb pic. Thanks BTW 🙂


I had no idea what earth Fare was. It turns out it’s a wonderful, environmentally friendly and nutrition oriented store, similar to Whole Foods. They are strict with what they put on their shelves, check out their food philosophy They also support a boot list (items which they no longer deem approved for their customers) a 100 Mile Commitment Stamp (foods purchased within 100 miles of your Earth Fare store) and a Family Producer stamp (shows you what comes from the little guys, come on people – SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY).  There is a location about 12 minutes from my house, not too far and as I would soon find out worth the drive!


While enjoying a complimentary Banana and Clementine from the Earth Fare booth I signed up for their drawing to receive a bag o’ goodies from the store.

YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT… I WON! Super exciting for me, I don’t EVER win these type of things. IT MADE MY DAY!

On my very next day off I headed out to Earth Fare by Polaris in C-Bus. What a beautiful place!


***Yes it was of course snowing out that day. Ohio’s Winter has been atrocious!





I felt so comfortable upon my arrival, the store was warming and bright. Not in the fluorescent light kind of way but with natural light.

How cute is their monthly calendar that’s displayed when you walk in, showing fun specials and store events!


Ahhhh my favorite area, the packaged dried fruits, nuts and granola.

What yogurt covered anything please!!!!!!!!!!!


I spent way too long browsing around the store and discovered what I may consider, until proven otherwise, the best idea yet! A scoop your own ravioli freezer!!! This ice box of cheesy goodness totes ravioli made with no artificial preservatives or bleached flour (would you drink out of a gallon of bleach… no? Then why would you eat food soaked in it?).


Winning the drawing proved profitable for both myself as well as the store, check out some of the items I picked up from them.


I LOVE ULTIMA (the packets above are all natural electrolytes) and always use them at the gym. SnapPea Crisps are my new salty snack of choice! Home-made Brooklyn style spicy pickles (do you guys know I’m from NYC?!… Aayyy Oh) Nature’s Path Blueberry Pop tarts, these are for my beautiful wife, who has a Pop tart fetish but refuses to put the nasty preservatives and fake ingredients in her body (talk about a score on that find). Lastly Energy Chunks – Honey & Pistachio, perfect for after a run!

Here are my winnings! OH HAPPY DAY!


I love the Nature’s Path brand and get all of my cereal from them so that was an awesome prize! I’m hyped for the organic honey which is always so expensive. The veggie chips are crunchy amazing-ness (I’m making up some words here, I know!). The only thing I didn’t care for in this group was the orange cranberry hot quinoa cereal, I LOVE QUINOA, and was really looking forward to my morning treat. I had to toss it unfortunately, it just didn’t mesh with my taste buds.

While I was at the checkout line I picked up a pamphlet on becoming an Earthlete Ambassador. Which is a program where you and your fitness adventures work with Earth Fare and spread the word about their earth friendly store, in return you get a 5% discount and some other pretty cool perks. I’m looking into that and will keep you updated on the progress. If you’re interested in becoming an Earth Fare Ambassador check out their program qualifications here:

Lastly I want to mention the prices, I found them to be totally reasonable and not over-priced. I find some establishments feel that just because they are a fancy, shmancy, good for you store that only provides paper bags, that they can charge and arm and organic leg. ***Being a better person and not naming names***

Now don’t mind me, I’m just chomping away on a honey & pistachio energy chunk


Have you ever been to Earth Fare?

What was your experience like?